Here's what some of our Teacher Training students have to say:

What a gift to have so many experienced teachers sharing their wealth of information and experience. I feel confident with the tools I have learned that are affecting my life and quality gained of each moment – connecting to my inner stillness, finding peace within – so that I can pass on this essential practice to others. Truly, bringing a balance between body, mind and spirit. My life has been enriched and there are limited words to express my gratitude.

~ Rebecka Saunders

I took Prana's 300 hour program in the Spring of 2007 and leave feeling replenished, hopeful and light. Shakti and Armand teach with such generosity and enthusiasm that it is impossible to resist them! The course has enriched my personal practice in ways that I am only beginning to understand months after the course has ended. My experience with Prana have brought me back to the centre of my own life, and I step out the serene studio and back into the world with a new sense of its beauty. Thank you shakti, Armand and all the others at Prana who work so hard to share this priceless gift.

~ Louise Young

This Prana journey was just amazing, and the journey is just starting. Thank you so very much!

~ Josee Fontaine – 200h graduate Dec. 2008

This is a stellar array of yoga teachers. The training is world class. The group is kept intimate, essential to maximum growth.

~ 300h graduate Nov. 2008

A life altering experience… I feel like I've been taken out of a cocoon and made ready to fly. Warmest thanks to all the teachers, I've encountered along this sacred journey of discovery.

~ 300h graduate Nov. 2008

I was incredibly impressed with the knowledge and depth with which the teachers in the Prana Yoga program explored the topics at hand. I found the offerings both enriching and therapeutic. It was wonderful to be part of a professional, well structured program, which allowed for the necessary space and time to absorb the new variety of information. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to any yoga teacher who wishes to nourish the mind, body and soul of their own practice. I value the personal opportunity for growth and look forward to extending this opportunity to my future students.

~ Megan Johnson

The 300 hour teacher training in Vancouver has given me a wealth of knowledge and a new perspective. Shakti's influence is a blessing. I can't wait to share the wisdom and experience I gained with my own students!

~ Megan Dorrah

Prana's teacher training offers a thorough introduction to teaching classic hatha in a safe and precise manner. Its emphasis on spirituality, flow and movement with breath does well to preserve the intention of yoga in the west. Thank you, shakti, for helping me to see this world with different eyes.

~ Natalie

You have introduced me once again to knowing that this life is much bigger than the small self, something many of us get locked into. It gives me confidence in knowing that any path I chose will be the right one as long as it begins with love. Thank you for sharing this experience with me . . . it is forever with me.

~ Sarah Sands

I was completely inspired by shakti and Armand and the course. I have always approached yoga from a very physical view, so the aspect of spirituality so deeply incorporated into the teaching really changed the practice for me. In addition, all the information presented was so clear, concise, and thorough, that I feel I will be able to put it into practice immediately and feel fully prepared to teach a safe, effective and fun yoga class. Thank you!

~ Anjulie Latta

Prana Yoga's teacher training provided me with a beautiful stepping stone into the world of yoga. The things I learned sparked my interest for more, and will be carried with me forever.

~ Adi Sternhill

I came to Prana with big doubts and fears that I could teach. I'm leaving here with sure plans to teach when I get home. Its life changing, life-affirming, do it!

~ Jaquie O'Sullivan

For the first time I was in the moment. Eating, swimming, walking, breathing; mindful of my every motion. This course has taught me to see the life in each asana – dancing between the physical and energy body with flow and stillness. This training is life changing.

~ Crystal Roberts

"The training was absolutely amazing! I learned so much and feel like it is just the beginning. Both shakti and Armand make wonderful teachers and make the entire journey comfortable and so worthwhile."

~ Mark Harbora

"The Yoga Teacher Training is so much more than about learning to lead people through asanas. While maintaining emphasis on safety in Hatha yoga, it also offers an open door to discover a much deeper and more meaningful side of yoga providing the opportunity to become a better, stronger & happier person."

~ Alyson Gracey

My experience at Prana was great! I enjoyed the pace, teaching style and learning experience. I feel so comfortable with teaching; I feel like I am ready to get out there!

~ Anonymous

This school is like no other. It was a breath of refreshing mountain air nestled in the city.

~ Christopher Donoghue

My experience at Prana Yoga College was mesmerizing. I gained awareness of how little we know about yoga; a beautiful atmosphere and with incredible staff. This was the most amazing way to begin this chapter of my life. I am glad my life flow took me this way.

~ Rudy Johal

Above all Prana's training truly gives you the tools and guidance to deepen your yoga practice. Shakti is an inspiring teacher able to hold your attention with humor, deep knowledge, and straight forwardness. The path is illuminated.

~ Richard Coe

It has been a rewarding month in many aspects not only the teaching but the journey towards learning about the self. I am looking forward to the 300 hours next month.

~ Anon

This course was perfect for me in many ways. I am confident that opportunities will arise for me that suit a new beginning for me and my family. Thank you shakti, Armand and Krista for your support, patience and kindness.

~ Liz James

"shakti is an amazing teacher. The way she is able to break down the asana and let the students teach the class, enabled everyone in the class to learn to their potential."

Brian Baty

"I came to Thailand and Prana Teacher Training Course to deepen my practice… I got more than I bargained for. Now I feel compelled to teach. It was a journey never to be duplicated"

Tonya Hartz

Dear shakti & Armand,

Keiki and I will be moving back to Hong Kong at the end of April, and we would like to say thank you to you both, for all that you've taught and shared with us during our teacher trainings. In the last few months, we have enjoyed teaching yoga here in Vancouver, loved it, and know that we will continue our journey both as a teacher and as a student, after moving to Hong Kong.

We are deeply indebted to you both, our inspirational teachers, and look forward to attending your classes and workshops again in the nearest future. Please continue sharing this wonderful knowledge and continue inspiring others like you have done for us.

Wishing you (and all Prana staff) our Best Wishes

~ Ann & Keiki (April 2008)

"I came here looking for new direction in my life. I leave feeling joyous and light hearted for the first time in a long while. I feel I have been gifted with new and wonderful tools with which to lead a more grounded, focused, and peace filled existence. I now feel excited and prepared to share my love of yoga with others who might also benefit from its healing essence."

Heidi Neil

"This was so much more than a yoga teacher training course. It was a journey into ourselves through meditation, mindfulness, and an introduction to zen. shakti is an inspirational teacher who has helped me to truly understand how to integrate yoga and its principles into every aspect of my life. I could not recommend this course any more highly. But come with an open mind… and prepared to change your life!!"

Rich Litvin

"A wondrous foundational course taught with clarity and precision so that it seems the teachings flow naturally from within one, having always been there."

Monty Larson

"This course has offered me an overwhelming life experience and a new chapter to be added to my walk in life here. It offers me an insight and totally different dimension of yoga. Thanks to both shakti & Armand, both spiritually and physically. You both have certainly shown mw what life is really about."

Pfeiffer Chan Ailee

"I have not only learned the basics of how to teach yoga, but had an absolutely amazing personal journey!"

Rebekka Walker

"I picked Prana because of the zen philosophy integration to yoga and how yoga is more than the physical asanas. This course met and exceeded these expectations. The training was an experience for me as an individual as much as it was about being a yoga teacher. Thank you."

Kenneth Krause

"This course is an experience of a lifetime, come to it with an open mind, a lot of energy, and you will come out with a perspective of life that will rock your world."

Oliver Stubbs

"This course is one of a kind. Truly genuine and life changing. The atmosphere is amazing, and I was challenged everyday."

Rachael Cody

"The Prana Yoga Teacher Training is so much more than becoming a teacher. Set in the beautiful jungle, what a more perfect place for such a journey? Deepening our practice, we learn a different approach to life through our yoga, meditation… affecting change around us beginning within us."

Dana Crudo

"This course is an excellent foundation in yoga theory and practice. It equips students with everything they need to start teaching, and plants the seeds of hunger for more learning, experience, and life."

Karen Brennan

"I came with no expectations, but this experience was better than anything I could have imagined. I've learned so much, not only about teaching yoga, but also about myself and dealing with life. I'm ready to take the lessons I've learned home and begin sharing them with others!"

Megan Dorrah

"I found the course to be challenging, thought provoking, well organized, and thoroughly enjoyable. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to partake in such a unique and wonderful experience. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on life"

Niki Ainslie

"My training in Thailand with Prana Yoga was one of those life-enhancing experiences that you hope for in a lifetime. At 45 years old I thought that those kind of physical and mental milestone events were all past and gone. I was pleasantly wrong.

Having been a western trained physician for almost 20 years I found the medical and physiologic aspects of the practices particularly fascinating. Most doctors don't realize that before medicines and surgeries, people used yoga and breathing exercises to treat their illnesses. This aspect has been lost in modern medicine, especially the attention to the energy one is supposed to feel when one is alive. I suspect "modern" man would be physically and emotionally better off with a few less pill and a lot more yoga.

I used to travel the world doing charity medical work. Now I also travel the world and teach yoga. I can't think of anything more balanced.

But the best part about completing yoga teacher training is that I have become a better yoga student."

Dr. Erik Fleischman
Physician and Surgeon
Medical Director – U.S. DOCTORS FOR AFRICA

"I had completely underestimated what was involved with and what would be gained from the August Teacher Training Program at Prana Yoga & Zen Centre. The demands on body, mind and soul were such that it helped to jump start me physically and reactivate my mind. It reminded me that the calm and centeredness for each one of us definitely comes from within and that it is attainable. This is only achieved with due diligence – and work. The camaraderie was an unexpected perk! A group of individuals from different paths in life coming together – tentative at first – bonding – then learning to love each other for their differences, truly was soul soaring!"

David Charles

"A spectacular month drenched in learning, poses, and sunshine on the beaches of Thailand. Shakti is an inspiration. She cares so much to facilitate each individuals' growth in their yoga practice and their emergence as a star teacher. Her vast knowledge not only about the physical principles and background of yoga but also the yogi's way of life allows all of her students to experience, feel, learn, incorporate and adjust thoughts and leave the training as a different human. Thank you Shakti for sitting with me for that special time. Namaste."

Ms. Barbara Crompton
CEO and President
The Yoga Group and The Fitness Group

"Shakti's journey alongside our group of 11 women in Thailand was much more than admirable, it was a gift to have her each and every step of our understanding; an honor. The course was intensive, and being in remote Thailand only added by taking us from our daily lives and patterns. I believe that most of us faced new challenges and faced our true selves, even the less desirable bits.

The course is comprehensive, intense, sometimes a grind, sometimes light, sometimes a delight. In the past, I have traveled a lot, by myself and to some far away corners of the planet, paid a lot of money and found this to be much the best investment in myself and my (mostly future) students, overall."

Carol Hutchinson

"The Yoga Teacher Training Program at Prana, with shakti and all of the other teachers, was definitely one of the most enlightening experiences that any schooling has ever offered to me. The curriculum was precise, thorough and very detailed…All of shakti's lessons about life and how we look at our lives and the world around us, were very eye opening and insightful. It was the best learning experience ever!"

Sunny Trim
Vancouver Corporate Yoga

"I participated in the Yoga Teacher Training Intensive in Thailand with Shakti Mhi, and it was one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of my life. It was through experiencing Shakti's style that I first fell in love with yoga, and the course deepened my love and respect not only for this ancient practice and the true teachers we have sharing this with the world, but especially for Shakti's ability to convey the true art of yoga into every area of life. She demonstrates that yoga is a metaphor for life; it is all encompassing. Through humour, storytelling, challenges, and her own indefinable way of expressing her love and passion for truth and yoga, I learned so much; and I learned that a true yoga teacher is one that never stops growing, learning, and whose only concern as a teacher is the students. A yogi lives yoga in the truest sense: through humility, compassion and honor. Who you think you are disappears in that. This is bliss.

I resonated very deeply with Shakti's teaching style, not only as a yoga teacher (and she is amazing), but also to experience for myself how wonderfully the course is structured and how she shares her knowledge in such a way that not only was I learning, I was living the learning. As a student I experienced first hand what it is to teach a class full of students and I was humbled. I loved it. For anyone who wants to deepen their practice or wants to share their love of yoga with the world, go for it. Take the Yoga Teacher Training with Shakti Mhi. You will laugh like you have never laughed and you will explore and experience who you are beyond thought, body and mind. And this will carry over into your life and enrich it deeply, and in that, enrich the world."

Xell Calderer

"My one month intensive with shakti became the catalyst that would bring change, balance, and clarity to come swirling into my life. aside from learning the essentials that would enable me to be a part of the community of sought after highly qualified yoga teachers, i learned things about my own self that before, i may not have had the strength to face. being in a group that would stay together for 30 days or so in an intense environment, being enveloped in the world of yoga, the world of shakti was a grace that i have been blessed to experience. i have watched not only the transformation of my own being but of those with whom i shared this time in my life, allowing me a deeper understanding into the human condition, spirit, and heart. shakti possesses this amazing awe inspiring quality that i have come across rarely in my lifetime. it is a centeredness, a clarity, a vast and passionate knowledge for what she is teaching that she in turn passes on to you. straight forward, without the unnecessary drama that we so often find ourselves drowned in, she will help you to get to a place of such beauty, strength, and lightness, by simply allowing you to see that it is all within you. you are the teacher, we are all teachers, equally so. this is how we came to one another with humility and the desire to learn, not knowing that in turn we would walk away filled with a new understanding, and a lightness haloing our every step. whether one comes into the teacher training with the plan to become a teacher of yoga or to simply supplement their own practice, it will be a time of knowledge, richness, laughter, and peace."

Avneet Pannu

"The teacher training program was an amazing experience and journey. The program offers so much more than learning safe teaching methods; it also encourages self discovery and personal growth. It was a memorable and life changing experience for me. I highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to explore themselves and become a competent yoga teacher."

Shannon Klak

"My experience at Prana Yoga College was life changing. Shakti empowered us with a vast knowledge of yoga and the aim of yoga. We can only become great teachers with the detailed and accurate instruction given to us. I couldn't have left my family behind for a month for a better reason!"

Shamshad Tarmohamed, London, England

"There was never even one moment in 28 days of this amazing course that I didn't enjoy."

Krissy Sulic

I can't thank you and Armand enough for sharing your knowledge, energy, light, and love with us all. It is exciting to know how many individuals you have touched and who will step out into the world to share this gift with others.

My deepest gratitude and of course many smiles,

Carey Rogers

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